It's no big secret that the Los Angeles Rams had a long-running marriage with being a Californian football legend in Southern California. And aside from their ups and downs over nearly 50 years, the fans never forget how the Rams charged into football history forever. Breaking from their original start as the Cleveland Rams, the initial move to L.A. was not without significant changes to this all-white team.

As part of the deal to move, they had to include at least one African American into the team- or no deal at all! Rocking the desegregation line in 1946 was unthinkable, yet it was as all due to the newly formed Los Angeles Rams who ended the racial segregation in the NFL forever. In their first season alone, they ranked second behind the Chicago Bears with a 6-4-1 record! los angeles rams

While bolstering more head-strong pride, it was halfback, Fred Gehrke who used his head to paint the symbolic Ram horns onto the sides of the team helmets. This marked another first for establishing modern team emblems in the NFL back in 1948. Combined with a media element, radio broadcast was a huge push for a rising stars of the L.A. Ramswhile television was barely covering American (fantasy) football at this time.

A steady and climbing fan base filled the local Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. From the period of 1949-1955, fans enjoyed the first wave of Ram-style offense that was the best in the NFL. Not until 1950, the Rams also were the first to have all their games televised! Breaking attendance records during 1957-1964 they rivaled any NFL team by flooding the stadium with fans numbering over 70-80,000 people on average per game.

In the decade during 1960-1970, the Rams were shining with the help from the ˝Fearsome Foursome˝ and were also the first NFL team to have over one million spectators in a single season. By 1967-1969 they doubled their fan base and pushed the limits of what the stadium could hold in a season alone. By the turn of the late 70's the entered their first Super Bowl in 1979, however this may have been considered the beginning of a swift change in the Rams' luck. Despite the great offense line-up and stadium relocations from Los Angeles to Anaheim, a quick contrast began to divide local fans.

The Oakland Raiders (who took-up the Rams original coliseum post) split their local fan base into two, and the NFL‘black-out' rule often prevented television coverage if stadium tickets at the Anaheim Stadium didn't insure sell-out levels for all the Rams' (home games). From 1980 to 1990, the Rams steadily spiraled downward even though coaches were switched from John Robinson to the return of John Knox (who took the Rams into the NFC West Championships) prior to their first Super Bowl appearance.

The rest of the story resulted in the eventual move which took the Rams to St. Louis due to political debates, crushing defeats, and dwindling fan support.

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